Sunday, March 5, 2017

Semana (Week) 72: Cambios...Otra Vez!

I really enjoyed getting to know my new companion this week Hermana D.  She's got about the biggest heart that I know.  We had some really spiritual lessons together and we were really able to enjoy this week.  

Sadly, it didn't last.  Yesterday, President Egginton called us to tell us that we are having special transfers, and that Hermana D. needed to go to Guadalajara to be comps with a sister that is struggling a lot. Her comp, Hermana R. is going to be comps with Hermana U., a sister in this zone, and my new comp is Hermana M. (haha, another Hermana M.) that was comps with Hermana U. Ya, it kinda seems like a big puzzle...haha.  This morning we both headed to Guadalajara (4 hours),  I dropped Hermana D. off and picked up Hermana R., and again we headed back to Morelia (4 hours).  Was a fun morning...haha, but here we are and tomorrow in our Zone Meeting we are going to do the switch and I will be with my new comp! 

I have made the decision to focus on one attribute of a consecrated missionary every week, this week I was focusing on the part of strict obedience:

D&C 130:21

"y cuando recibimos una bendicion de Dios, es porque se obedece aquella ley sobre la cual se basa"

I have learned that in every act of obedience that we do, there is always a blessing although sometimes its difficult to see.  And sometimes, he gives us these blessings later, but we should always trust that every act we do, to do what is right, will have its reward :)

Les amo a todos!

Hermana Boice

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