Sunday, March 5, 2017

Semana (Week) 73: 17 months in the Mission!/ I am addicted to eating!

Me and my companion Hermana M.
This week, I think, was a week of trying our faith. Pretty much all of our numbers were zero, even when we really felt we were giving it all we had. We walked and walked and waaaaaaalked like the pioneers all day long. But even though we might not have had a very successful week in numbers, we had a successful week in trying. But we do have a good number of future investigators that we are going to be visiting this week.

I think this is the week that I have gotten lost the most than any other week haha, my poor comp.  But we always arrive where we need to go :)  We actually had a wonderful blessing happen to us on such an occasion that we got a bit lost.  We had divisions with our Sister Training Leaders and we ended them with 14 pesos to my name and 2 pesos to my comp, which is exactly the amount to take a bus for the two of us.  So we took a bus to go to the bank to take out some money, without really knowing where it was going to go, or when we needed to get off.  After a while, we started to recognize where we were, but about 5 minutes after, we had no idea at all, and we kept going farther and farther, until we asked the driver if he was going to pass by the Center.  I said a little prayer that the Lord would help us get to where we needed to go. He said, We already passed it! You are going to have to pay again to head back! 

......And we had ZERO money left.  But before we said anything else, he said, But its okay! I'll take you without charging.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder how is it that He loves us so much and blesses us always!  So he took us back to where we needed to go to take out money, and we gave him a card with our number on it.  After we took without money, we headed back to our house and received a call from a man that was interested in what we believe, and said that his friend that drives a bus gave our card to him. I just love the Lord so much.
Sometimes I try to count my many blessings, but I just cant, because there are so many!

Hermana Boice

My face is ugly, but vasolotes are so beautiful! Corn+Mayonesa+cheese

Crepes from the Crepe Man!!!!!

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